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  • South Arts’ NEW Strategic Plan > understand how the NEW plan impacts grant programs
  • Readiness Plans > find out what’s needed and how your plan will be evaluated
  • Accessibility > hear more about South Arts’ expectations

Who and What We Fund:

  • Nonprofit presenting organizations in our region
  • Readings, concerts, and performances
  • Public performances/readings and educational activities by guest Southern artists
  • Projects for an artist/company who resides outside of the presenter’s state
  • Accessible programming



South Arts has adopted a new Strategic Plan for FY2019-2023. This Plan, approved by our Board of Directors in November, 2017, furthers our commitment to advancing the work and careers of artists in our region, and connecting the arts organizations and artists of the South to resources, visibility and opportunities. Our new mission statement is Advancing Southern vitality through the arts.

You will see a number of new opportunities, and revisions to existing programs, over the next year, including our portfolio of grants. The first to reflect our new plan are South Arts’ Performing Arts Touring grants (known previously as Regional Touring Grants) and Literary Arts Touring grants, which address two of our five goals:
• Support the artistic and professional growth and success of artists in the South
• Support impactful arts-based programs that recognize and address trends and evolving needs of diverse communities in the South

These highly competitive grants now support single engagements (to include a public presentation and an educational activity) of performing artists/ensembles and writers who reside in the South Arts nine-state region. These changes and goals are consistent with our Traditional Arts Touring grants, which support traditional artists/ensembles (performing and visual arts/craft) from our region. Ultimately, we would like to see more communities and audiences experience excellent work by Southern artists.

Block-booked engagements are no longer a grant category. You may apply for your organization’s engagement within a block, but it will be adjudicated on its own, not as part of a block-booking.  Block booking is an important dynamic in the presenting and touring field, and South Arts will continue to encourage it through: support of statewide presenter consortia meetings; convening the heads of statewide presenter consortia in the region throughout the year; and providing time for presenter consortia to discuss block-booking during the Performing Arts Exchange (PAE).  We will continue to encourage and welcome artists, agents and managers from throughout the country and beyond to participate in PAE. Presenters have many elements to consider when selecting artists for their community, and providing the broadest possible marketplace of artists to consider is in everyone’s best interest.

You will soon be seeing other changes and refinements to our presenting and touring programs. You’ll find new information here; you may also sign up for our Grants enewsletter here.  

For assistance, contact Nikki Estes, at 404-874-7244 ext. 16.