Individual Artist Career Opportunity Grants - FAQs

Please read the entire grant guidelines for your grant program prior to reviewing these FAQs. Many questions are answered in the guidelines, with additional clarification or examples provided here. If you cannot find the answer to your questions, please contact Emmitt Stevenson at

FAQs updated February 7, 2023.


What is the minimum and maximum grant request?
The minimum grant request for this program is $500. The maximum grant request is $2,000.

What do you mean by a 2:1 match?
For every grant dollar awarded, the artist must provide a minimum of $.50 in a match. For instance, if an artist is awarded a $500 grant, the artists must provide an additional $250, for a total budget of $750. For a $2,000 award, the artist must provide an additional $1000, for a total budget of $3,000. The match can be the artist’s own funds, other grant awards, or other earned income.

Are partial awards made for this grant?
Grants may be awarded at less than full ask dependent on volume of requests received.

When is the grant application for this project due?
The grant application for this program opens April 4 with grant submissions due at 11:59 pm Eastern Time on March 17, 2023

When should the opportunity take place?
The project period should be between July 1, 2023 and July 30, 2024. For projects and opportunities occurring after July 30, 2024, please apply during the next grant cycle.

If this is not intended to be a creation fund, where can I find funding help to create my work?
If you are looking for help creating a work, we encourage you to check the offerings from our colleagues at the National Performance Network or Alternate ROOTS. You can also find a listing of opportunities for visual artists here:


What opportunities are eligible for this grant?
Different types of opportunities can be funded through this grant program. Most commonly, awards have been used to help an artist participate in an exhibition or residency, or travel to show or perform work at an invitational, but awards are not limited to these opportunities. No matter the opportunity, it is incumbent on the artist to make the case in the application that the opportunity will significantly impact and elevate the arc of their career.

Can I use this grant to document or promote or document a project?
Project documentation or promotion are not considered eligible opportunities for this grant. However, project documentation or promotion may be included in the budget under the umbrella of a larger opportunity, such as a national exhibition.

Can I use my award to study with an artist or expand my skillset?
No, participating in an advanced apprenticeship or paying to study with an artist are not eligible opportunities under this grant program.

Is this a project/creation grant?
While we understand that creation of work is often part an opportunity, such as for an upcoming exhibition, this grant program is not designed to be a creation fund. Awards will only be made in service of a career-defining opportunity.

Managing My Award

What do I do to accept my award?
If your opportunity is awarded, you will receive an award notification with terms of funding. You must acknowledge receipt of the award notification and agreement to terms in writing in addition to submitting an up-to-date W9.

When do I receive my first grant payment?
You will receive 75% of your grant award 45 days prior to the activity start. If there is significant need of the first grant disbursement more than 45 days prior the start of your activity, a request must be made in writing to Director for Artist Engagement, Emmitt Stevenson at

How do I receive my final grant payment?
Final disbursement of the grant will be made upon filling out a final report. Please track your expenses and receipts to submit in your final report budget.

When can I fill out my final report?
Final reports are due within 30 days of completing the activity.  Please contact the Director for Artist Engagement, Emmitt Stevenson ( for more information.

Updates & Changes

The timeline for my opportunity has changed. What should I do?
Notify the Program Director, Emmitt Stevenson, in writing immediately to discuss your options. You may be asked to fill out a Grant Change Request form or apply in a future funding cycle for your opportunity.

My opportunity has been cancelled for the foreseeable future. What should I do?
Notify the Program Director, Emmitt Stevenson, in writing immediately to discuss your options. You may have to rescind your grant for the current funding round



For questions about Individual Artist Career Opportunity Grants, contact Emmitt Stevenson.

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