Traditional Arts Touring Grants - FAQ

Please read the entire grant guidelines for your grant program prior to reviewing these FAQs. Many questions are answered in the guidelines, with additional clarification or examples provided here. If you cannot find the answer to your questions, please contact Teresa Hollingsworth.

These FAQs were last updated November 1, 2022.

General Questions

When are FY24 grant applications due? 
Grant Applications are due by February 15, 2023. 

When do projects need to take place to qualify for the grant? 
Projects applying in the FY24 grant cycle must take place between July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024. 

What is a 1:2 cash match? 
For every grant dollar awarded, the organization must provide a minimum of 1/3 in a match to be used solely for the contracted artist/ensemble honorarium and/or travel. For instance, if an organization is awarded a $1,000 grant, the organization must provide an additional $500, for a total budget of $1,500 to be used for the contracted artist/ensemble’s fees. For a $2,000 award, the artist must provide an additional $1,000, for a total budget of $3,000. The match can be the organization’s own funds, other grant awards (non-NEA funds), or other earned income. 

Are there any other ways to submit a grant application other than in writing? 
Yes! As of this grant cycle applicants are encouraged to submit their applications whichever way they most prefer—be it in writing, a video, an audio recording, or some other way. Please contact program director Teresa Hollingsworth at or 404.874.7244 x814 to discuss.  

Do global traditional art forms qualify for the grant, or is it only for traditional American art forms? 
All traditional art forms qualify, regardless of whether they are American or not. We only require that the traditional art form is currently being practiced in the South. 

Can someone at South Arts look over my application and offer feedback before I submit it? 
No, although applicants are encouraged to contact Teresa Hollingsworth at or (404) 874-7244 x814 to talk about their project before submitting their application. 

Who will be reviewing the applications? 
Applications will be reviewed by South Arts staff. Completed applications will be reviewed and evaluated by an outside expert peer review panel with the guidance and assistance of South Arts staff. 

How far in advance should I prepare my application? 
Please begin preparing your application sooner rather than later, allowing enough time to compile the necessary documents, revise drafts, and discuss your project with South Arts staff.  

We encourage applicants to contact South Arts with questions more than 48 hours before the application deadline; due to the volume of requests, South Arts team members may not be able to respond to inquiries submitted after that time. 

Can my organization still apply if our event is fully or partially virtual, due to COVID-19? 
Yes! Organizations may apply for virtual presentations, virtual educational components, or for virtual engagement of artists. All three of these must be live presentations, whether they are in-person or online. 

Eligibility & Project Design

I’m worried my organization isn’t big enough—do we have to be a certain size to be eligible for this grant?
No, although you must provide illustrate that your organization can carry out your proposed project. Also, you must have sufficient supplemental funding for a 1:2 cash match.

Is there someone I can talk to at South Arts about my organization’s project (cost, design, etc.) before I submit the application?
Absolutely! We encourage applicants to contact program director Teresa Hollingsworth at or 404.874.7244 x814 to discuss their project before submitting their application.

Can my organization apply if we’ve already gotten a South Arts grant this year?
It depends on the grant: organizations are only eligible for one Traditional Arts grant per cycle; also, organizations that are currently receiving funding through South Arts’ Presentation Grants or Literary Arts Touring Grants are not eligible. Organizations receiving grant funds from other South Arts grants are still encouraged to apply.

Alternate South Arts or federal funding, however, may not be used to match this grant. Whether or not your organization has been granted alternate South Arts funding will not be considered when evaluating your application.

Are schools eligible to apply?
Yes, schools are eligible to apply.

Does the artist(s) also need to be from South Arts’ nine-state region, or just the organization applying?
Both the artist(s) and the organization applying must reside in South Arts’ nine-state region.

What is an UEI and how can my organization receive one?
UEI stands for Unique Entity ID and is required by the federal government for certain organizational activities. Visit for additional information about UEI numbers as well as instructions on how to receive one. If your organization has used a DUNS number in the past, this link also provides instructions on transitioning to a UEI. The UEI does NOT replace your organization’s FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number).

We know that obtaining a UEI is an added step in the process, and we thank you for cooperating. If you have any questions UEIs, please feel free to contact South Arts!

Can the presenting artist just do the public presentation, and then our organization handle the two required educational/outreach component?
No, the artist/ensemble must participate in the public presentation and the two required educational/outreach component.

We feel like our organization is accommodating, but are there any resources available to make sure we are as accessible as possible?
Yes! The NEA has resources available to help arts organizations with making their programming, facilities, etc. as accessible as possible—please visit the NEA’s website for more information. Applicants must commit to the Endowment’s Assurance of Compliance.

Next Steps

For questions about an award or the grant process in general, should an artist reach out to South Arts on behalf of an organization, or should the organization reach out?
We ask that organizations, not participating artists, please contact South Arts with any questions they may have.

When can we expect payment of the grant, if awarded?
Grant payment is sent upon receipt of the completed final report.

Why is a readiness plan important, and how can my organization put one in place?
Art events, regardless of the art form, almost always involve large groups of people—it is of utmost importance that organizations take every precaution possible to ensure their guests’ safety in case of emergency. Please visit dPlan|ArtsReady to learn more about readiness plans and to access resources useful for implementing your own organization’s plan.

Additional Questions?

If your question is not addressed in our guidelines or the FAQ above, please contact us.

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