Oct 3-6, 2020

Big Fur

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Big Fur is a fun portrait of an eccentric artist-hero. World Champion taxidermist Ken Walker builds a life-sized Bigfoot, based on frames from an iconic 1967 movie, and unveils her at the World Taxidermy Championships. While Ken would love to win Best in Show, his real hope is that putting “Patty” on display will prompt some hunter to open his freezer and pull out the proof Bigfoot is real. Instead, it’s Ken’s love life that gets thawed out. Although true love proves illusory, Ken is still sure that any day Bigfoot's existence will be confirmed. Until then, he’ll keep searching for both.

Filmmaker Biography

Big Fur is Dan Wayne’s first feature documentary. He has been a professional photographer and cinematographer since 1990. He studied photography at University of Kansas and film at New York University. An avid outdoorsman, Dan has been practicing taxidermy since he began making “Big Fur,” but only mounts animals killed by cars or, more often, by his dog, Betty.


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