April 20, 2020

Little Miss Westie

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Little Miss Westie follows the life of two siblings: Luca McCarthy (a 14-year-old transgender boy) and his little sister Ren (an 11-year-old transgender girl). Before transitioning, Luca had participated in the Lil’ Miss Westie beauty pageant, which is a local rite of passage in the small town of West Haven, Connecticut. Now, it is Ren’s turn; in the first year following her transition, she will compete in the pageant with Luca’s expert guidance. The documentary chronicles Luca’s and Ren’s lives for a year as they navigate the struggles of school, puberty, and transitioning during the Trump Era.

Filmmaker Biography

Director Joy E. Reed brings over a decade of experience in documentary, and has been on the creative team of a number of films that have premiered at Sundance, including BUCK (Audience Award), and HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO.  Joy is a principal of Oh, MY! Productions®, and their work has been broadcast on PBS, HBO, and other festivals worldwide.


Due to COVID-19, a virtual screening and Q&A was presented on April 20, 2020 with guest Co-Director, Editor Joy E. Reed.