Pride and Joy

Pride & Joy - Joe York

Pride & Joy – Joe York

Joe York was born and raised in Glencoe, Alabama. In 1999 he received a degree in Anthropology from Auburn University, worked as an archaeologist for a few years and then moved to Oxford, Mississippi, in 2001 to pursue a Masters degree in Southern Studies. After focusing so hard on his academic pursuits that it took him four years to complete a two year course of study, York began working at the University of Mississippi’s Media & Documentary Projects where he is now a Senior Producer of Documentary Projects. Over the eight years that he has worked at the University York has produced over three dozen short films in association with the Southern Foodways Alliance, a non-profit organization at UM focused on documenting and preserving southern food culture, and directed several feature-length documentaries including Mississippi Innocence and Pride & Joy. He is also the author of “With Signs Following: Photographs from the Southern Religious Roadside.” York’s films and other documentary projects have earned him numerous awards, all of which he greatly appreciates but none of which brings him more joy that continuing to live and work in Oxford with his drop dead gorgeous wife Kathryn McGaw, producer extraordinaire of Thacker Mountain Radio, and their daughter Emma, who is widely heralded as the cutest baby anyone has ever seen.

Pride and Joy: The Movie: The Southern Foodways Alliance, an institute of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi, documents, studies, and celebrates the diverse food cultures of the changing American South.

Over the last decade, the SFA has collected more than 500 oral histories and produced more than 30 films. We have trained our lenses on North Carolina pitmasters and Louisiana bartenders. We’ve captured the stories of Alabama shrimpers and Arkansas caviar fishermen. We’ve chronicled the work of Georgia cattlemen and Tennessee fried chicken cooks.

We have not, however, made a long-form documentary, aimed at chronicling the depth and breadth of Southern food culture. Until now. Directed by Joe York and produced by John T. Edge and Andy Harper, Pride & Joy is that film.

In this hour-long documentary, we focus on the tradition-bearers of Southern food culture. We present intimate portraits of people and places while asking important questions about our common culture:

* What do foodways tell us about who we are as Southerners?

* How and why do traditional foodways endure?

* As the South’s ethnic and racial makeup shifts, how do regional foodways change?

Pride & Joy stands not as the final word on Southern food, but as an introduction to how foodways offer insights on the region’s complex history and bright future.

September 9: The City of Suwanee  Suwanee, GA
September 12: Madison-Morgan Cultural Center Madison, GA
September 13: City of Hapeville  Hapeville, GA
September 14: Banners At McNeese  Lake Charles, LA
September 16: Vermillionville Living History Musuem Foundation, Inc. Lafayette, LA
September 24: Arts Council of Central Louisiana  Alexandria, LA 

PRIDE & JOY: A Southern Foodways Alliance Film Project from Southern Foodways on Vimeo.