Logo & Brand Guide

Need to use a high-resolution South Arts logo on your website, marketing material, or other digital or print platform? We've got you covered. Download logos for South Arts, Southern Circuit, and Jazz Road below.

In addition to the South Arts logos below, many of our grants and programs require the use of additional logos from our partners and supporters. Please visit the Manage Your Grant page for the specific program you are interested in to find all applicable additional logos, credit lines, and other pertinent details related to that program.


What follows are some top-level guidelines for logo and mark usage:

  • Do not use effects (like drop shadows) on logos or marks
  • Do not place the logos or marks on conflicting backgrounds (i.e., those with similar colors)
  • Do not rotate the logos or marks
  • Do not stretch or skew the logos or marks
  • Do not recreate the logos with unapproved typefaces

For additional use restrictions and other instructions, please consult the South Arts Brand Guide, available in PDF form in the section below.

Brand Guide

For the sake of consistency across all platforms and publications, please download the style guide and consult it as you develop print or digital content in conjunction with our brand.

Download Brand Guide

South Arts Logo

Text Logo - South Arts

The South Arts logo has two versions: one primary text version, and an abstracted mark. The text version should be used at all times when South Arts is not referenced in the print or digital collateral in question. Avoid using the abstracted mark without prior contextualization or reference to South Arts.

A file containing color, black-and-white, greyscale, and other versions of the South Arts logo is available for download below.

Download South Arts Logo

Individual Brand Treatments

Individual brand treatments have their own logo and color palette.

Because these treatments include attribution text beneath the program name, there is no need to include an additional byline referencing South Arts nearby on your collateral. As of now, Southern Circuit and Jazz Road are the only programs that have individual brand treatments.

Southern Circuit Logo

Southern Circuit logo

Download Southern Circuit Logo

Jazz Road Logo

Jazz Road logo

Download Jazz Road Logo