Jazz artists from anywhere in the United States — take your music to places it’s never been with a grant from Jazz Road, a national initiative from South Arts.

Jazz Road is an artist-centric touring and residency grants program to spread jazz throughout the country, strengthen work opportunities and compensation for jazz artists, and bolster deeper engagement between jazz musicians, presenters and communities. U.S.-based jazz artists who define themselves as emerging to more established along a career spectrum are eligible for support. The program is intended to support jazz artists for which this grant would have new and significant career impact.

Jazz is a music tradition rooted in the African-American experience, and is by nature a communal music based upon the relationship between artists, elders, and their communities. We seek outcomes for Jazz Road that honor and perpetuate this distinction. Additionally, diversity, inclusion and equity will be primary lenses for all Jazz Road program deliberations and considerations.  Jazz Road recognizes the need to increase the support of women in jazz.

Jazz Road contains two grants programs,  Jazz Road Tours and Jazz Road Creative Residencies, with regularly recurring deadlines.

Jazz Road Artists