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Laura Lambuley

2023 Jazz Road Creatives

Laura Lambuley

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Miami, Florida

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Jazz Road Creative Residencies Grant

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This project aims to fuse traditional Colombian and Venezuelan music with jazz. Pianist Laura Lambuley will compose and arrange 7 pieces of music for a jazz trio as the main format, as well special guests and orchestra. It will be recorded over 4 weeks, from July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024, in studios in Miami and New York, as well as a video of 2 of the pieces for promotion. The project will culminate in a concert/talk in Miami.

About the Artist

Laura Lambuley is a pianist, composer, and producer known for her versatile style that encompasses Colombian and Venezuelan roots, classical music, and jazz. Coming from a musical family, Laura grew up immersed in Colombian regional music, experiencing it through dance, local festivals, and traditional gatherings. She began formal piano studies at a young age and later explored the fusion of regional music and piano in her album "Llano en blanco y negro." She continued her studies in jazz performance in New York and Miami, where she formed the "Laura Lambuley Project" and released her second album, "Mestizo," which reflects her experiences as an immigrant, musician, and mother. Laura has performed with notable musicians and has been invited to prestigious events and concert seasons in various countries. In addition to her artistic career, she is actively involved in teaching piano and is the co-founder of L Music and L Music Edu, which serves as a creative and educational platform for musicians. Laura's passion for embracing diversity, creativity, and hard work is evident in her music, teaching, and commitment to promoting new artists through her label company.