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Aditya Prakash

2023 Jazz Road Creatives

Aditya Prakash

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Los Angeles, California

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Jazz Road Creative Residencies Grant

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We seek support for a one-week creative residency to support ISOLASHUN, an interactive multimedia musical production by  L.A.-based Karnatik and jazz crossover vocalist and percussionist Aditya Prakash. ISOLASHUN pushes the boundaries of Karnatik and jazz music and expands the range of expression in both forms. The residency will occur October 1-7, 2023, at the Kalapriya Center for Indian Performing Arts in Chicago. ISOLASHUN will premiere at UCLA Center for the Art of Performance in 2024.

About the Artist

Aditya Prakash, an award-winning vocalist known for his powerful and emotive voice, is a young virtuoso of Karnatik music, and one of the youngest musicians to tour and perform with Ravi Shankar at the age of 16. Aditya continues to work with leading innovators of the arts such as Anoushka Shankar, Karsh Kale, Tigran Hamasyan, Mythili Prakash and Akram Khan.

Aditya founded the eclectic music group, Aditya Prakash Ensemble, which creates a space for dialogue between Karnatik and jazz. Aditya’s current focus in production and composition is pushing boundaries within the “classical” tradition. In his newest work, ISOLASHUN, Aditya explores the weight of privilege and the boundaries of tradition in an entirely new creative form.