Adriel Vincent-Brown: The Force

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The Force aims to bridge gaps not only between various musical genres and styles of jazz but also among different communities, ethnicities, and socioeconomic classes. The musicians each hail from diverse backgrounds and cultural upbringings. Adriel and Giveton both come from the Caribbean, specifically Trinidad and The Bahamas, respectively, with Giveton's family also having Haitian heritage. While the Caribbean influence is consistently present, it may not always take center stage in the music.

Rhythms such as Calypso, Kompa, Junkanoo, and Cuban Timba coexist and interact with traditional swing/bebop styles and hip-hop elements. Similarly, the harmonic content is extensive, drawing from the gospel idiom, traditional Western classical music, and more. The band predominantly performs a mix of originals, mostly written by Adriel and some by Giveton, as well as traditional standards.

The Force has been regularly performing in NYC, primarily at venues such as Arthur's Tavern, Dizzy's Jazz Club, and most recently, the Black Cat in SF.


Adinkra Cultural Arts Center

Mt. Rainer, MD

April 24, 2024

House Party

Riverdale, GA

April 25, 2024

Jazz & Apple Pie

Tampa, FL

April 27, 2024

Jazz, Art & Blues Festival Ocala

Tampa, FL

April 28, 2024

The Big Easy

Houston, TX

May 1, 2024

Garden House Studios

Woodland Hills, CA

May 4, 2024