David Bixler: Trio Incognito

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This eclectic trio emerged as a creative response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, a period in history when musicians found themselves unable to perform due to an invisible virus. In this unique moment, musicians sought opportunities to create music in person, discovering that the parks of New York City offered a safe space and an audience eager for human creativity. Thus, the parks became a haven for the pursuit of music-making.

Saxophonist David Bixler, bassist Dan Loomis, and percussionist Fabio Rojas joined forces during these "park sessions" to form a trio. Their repertoire is a diverse exploration of various music genres, with no single preference given to any one style. Bebop, free jazz, rock, and Venezuelan folkloric music all find an equal voice in the hands of these versatile musicians.

The trio's debut release in 2020, titled "Inside the Grief," serves as a sonic response to the challenges of that year: the impact of COVID-19, systemic racism, and the presidential election. As they embark on a tour, the group will be presenting new compositions from their recently completed recording, "incognito ergo sum," scheduled for release in 2024. This upcoming album promises to further showcase the trio's musical exploration across genres, reflecting the diverse influences that shape their unique sound.


Zootown Arts Community Center

Missoula, MT

March 6, 2024

Thirsty Street Brewing Co.

Billings, MT

March 7, 2024

One Legged Magpie

Red Lodge, MT

March 8, 2024

Tune Up Bar

Bozeman, MT

March 9, 2024