Dion Kerr's 'eko vizion meusik'

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Dion Kerr's 'eko vizion meusik'
Delray Beach, FL

About the Artist

Dion Kerr, a visionary artist from Delray Beach, FL, living between South Florida and New York City, boasts a multi-faceted creative spirit. His artistry seamlessly weaves together a diverse array of influences and artistic mediums. With an extensive background that includes global tours and recordings as both a frontman and a collaborator across multiple musical genres, Dion Kerr brilliantly showcases his unwavering talent as a producer, a multi-instrumentalist, and a conceptual artist. Kerr has shared the stage with Ignacio Berroa Trio, Godwin Louis’ Global, Jean Caze’s Amede, Emmet Cohen Trio, Immanuel Wilkins, Justin Brown, Tal Cohen Trio, Tivon Pennicott, and most recently, Marcus Strickland’s Twi-Life coming off of their European tour of festivals and prestigious venues such as Ronnies Scott’s in London. 

Dion co-founded the band The Smoogies, who released their debut album Planet Smoogies with esteemed trumpeter Nicholas Payton and People Music; they are set to release their next record, a live album, in 2024. Dion was the lead engineer and co-producer of Seafoam Walls record XVI; he also played guitar (formerly bass) in the live incarnation, released on Thurston Moore and Eva Printz's label Ecstatic Peace Library, which was recorded and produced in his home studio. They recently got off tour, opening up for Unknown Mortal Orchestra for their US tour dates, and have secured a sponsorship with Fender. Dion is also a proud endorser of Benevolent Basses and Marino Custom Cables. Kerr skillfully blends acoustic and electric elements, drawing from various inspirations and styles to craft a unified, genre-defying sound that transcends conventional musical boundaries. Dion's records feature melodic, groove-based instrumentals that glimpse his eclectic musical palate. 

At the heart of Kerr's creative process lies an unwavering commitment to experimentation, vividly reflected in the fluidity of his work. His latest project and upcoming record, 'eko vizion meusik', collaborates with veteran drummer David Chiverton and prodigious drummer Miguel Russell with New York-based guitarists Tim Watson and Kerr’s shared Manhattan School of Music alma mater guitarist Emmanuel Michael.


The Arts Garage

Delray Beach, FL

September 7, 2024

The Bridge

Miami, FL

September 9, 2024

The Compound

Fort Lauderdale, FL

September 11, 2024

Baby J's Bar

Gainesville, FL

September 12, 2024

Baby J's Bar

Gainesville, FL

September 13, 2024

The Andes Hotel

Andes, NY

September 15, 2024

The Lilypad

Cambridge, MA

September 16, 2024