Matt DiBiase / Plexusplay

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Matt DiBiase / Plexusplay
 San Diego, CA
Grant amount: $12,175

About the Artist

Born and raised in Boston MA, Plexusplay (Matt DiBiase) has been a lifelong musician since he began studying mallet percussion at age 6. His hunger for learning has led him through rigorous conservatory training, self-taught workflows in electronic music production and animation, a college degree and publications in the neurosciences at esteemed universities like Harvard Medical School, and concertizing internationally in North America, Europe, and Asia. Matt’s many talents make him a well-rounded composer and an unbounded music technologist. Plexusplay combines virtuosic jazz vibraphone and stunning 3D animated visuals to create a live dance music experience unlike any other. Plexusplay aims to recontextualize a love for improvised jazz music in today's visual and tech driven world through immersive interactive shows. The futuristic sound of Plexusplay songs draw on lush harmonies, infectious Brazilian and house grooves , hard hitting electronic color bass, infused with melodic jazz improvisation to produce a show that’s as dazzling as it is impactful. These shows are also capable of inviting the audience to interact and vote on their journey through Matt's original music via mobile devices - Matt's live improvisations and audience decisions are visualized on stage using cutting edge real-time visual softwares. From emotional interludes, to playful choreography, to heavy headbangers and stunning solos, Plexusplay’s show offers something we can all immerse ourselves in.


ARTSee NFT Gallery

Los Angeles, CA

July 7, 2023

SubSessions House Party

San Louis Obispo, CA

July 8, 2023

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment

Oakland, CA

July 9, 2023

MacAlister Auditorium at Berry College

Arcata, CA

July 12, 2023

Mizaji Digital Physical Gallery

Portland, OR

July 14, 2023

Seattle NFT Museum

Seattle, WA

July 15, 2023