Max Haymer Trio

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Grammy-nominated pianist Max Haymer, widely recognized for his role as the pianist and Music Director for the 10-time Grammy Award Winner Arturo Sandoval, is set to embark on a tour with his own trio. The trio, featuring Karl McComas-Reichl on bass and Rick Montalbano on drums, will bring Afro-Cuban and Modern Jazz piano stylings to audiences along the West Coast.

One of the most distinctive piano trios in contemporary jazz, Max Haymer's ensemble has the ability to draw from both jazz tradition and the Great American Songbook. They infuse these influences with a unique twist, creating a powerful and innovative sound that has been dubbed "Athletic Jazz." This tour promises a captivating musical experience, blending Afro-Cuban rhythms and modern jazz elements in a way that sets the trio apart.

Given Max Haymer's notable contributions to Arturo Sandoval's Grammy-winning projects, the tour represents a chance for audiences to experience his artistry in a solo setting. With a repertoire spanning jazz tradition and the Great American Songbook, the trio's performances are sure to offer a fresh and compelling perspective on contemporary jazz. This is a tour that jazz enthusiasts won't want to miss.


Catalina Jazz Club

Los Angeles, CA

February 28, 2024

Just Joe's Music

Bend, OR

March 1, 2024

The Jazz Station

Eugene, OR

March 2, 2024

Grizzly Peak Winery

Ashland, OR

March 3, 2024