Joshua Abrams / Natural Information Society

Jazz Road Creative Residencies Grant Recipient

Natural Information Society

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Chicago, Illinois

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Jazz Road Creative Residencies Grant

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Creation of new work to be recorded with large ensemble including Chicago's most active experimental composer/performers; presented at Constellation and the South Side's Stony Island Art Banks with Rebuild Foundation performance space. This space cultivates activism for cultural development and neighborhood transformation.

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Chicago, IL

About the Artist

Joshua Abrams is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, and improviser. His professional career began 30 years ago busking on the streets of Philadelphia as an original member of the legendary hip hop group The Roots & performing the music of Earle Brown in an ensemble conducted by the composer. Since then, Abrams has been a central figure at the heart of the jazz, improvisational, experimental and indie music communities of Chicago.

Abrams was an original member of the “back porch minimalism” quartet Town & Country and the trio Sticks & Stones with Matana Roberts & Chad Taylor. In 2010 he founded his primary group Natural Information Society (NIS). As the group’s leader he has composed, recorded & toured with a shifting-line up of musicians making up the NIS ensemble including Lisa Alvarado, Mikel Patrick Avery, Jason Stein, Hamid Drake, Mai Sugimoto & many others. NIS navigates forms that emphasize collective listening & simultaneous differences while building a space that is both meditative & propulsive. Grounded in Abrams' interwoven & mutilayered compositions, the group's long-form environments have been described as ecstatic minimalism. NIS has released six albums for Eremite Records including Magnetoception (2015), Simultonality (2017), Mandatory Reality (2019) & decension (Out of Our Constrictions) with Evan Parker (2021).  These recordings have received critical & popular acclaim from publications such as The Wire, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Pitchfork, & many others.  NIS & Bitchin’ Bajas released the collaborative Automaginary on Drag City Records (2015).  Joshua’s other recent releases include Cloud Script (RogueArt) a quartet with Ari Brown, Gerald Cleaver & Jeff Parker & Mind Maintenance (Drag City), a duo with Chad Taylor.

Abrams has scored the music for nine feature length documentaries including four by American documentary icon Steve James: The Interrupters, Life Itself, the Oscar nominated Abacus: Small Enough To Jail & the docuseries America To Me. Other scores include The Trials of Muhammad Ali, Almost There & The First Step. His score for Life Itself was nominated by Cinema Eye Honors for best score. 

As a sideman & collaborator Abrams has appeared on over 100 records including work with Fred Anderson, Bonny ""Prince"" Billy, Hamid Drake, Theaster Gates, Joe McPhee, Nicole Mitchell, Mike Reed & Matana Roberts.

In 2018 Abrams was a Grants for Artist recipient from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.