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Kiana Del

Leaders of Color Fellowship

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Louisville, Kentucky

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Leaders of Color Fellowship

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Engagement Manager for Music Education and 90.5 WUOL Afternoon Host, Louisville Public Media

Kiana Del is a vocalist, radio host, and educator hailing from the valleys of Carrollton, Kentucky. She uses music to tell the story of our complex humanity, and to foster a safe space for others to create freely without the barrier of judgment. She is the engagement manager for Music Education and 90.5 WUOL afternoon host at Louisville Public Media by day and can be found performing her own music with her band Kiana & the Sun Kings by night. She demonstrates her activism by dedicating her time to local arts non-profits who she believes are stirring up good trouble,  including sitting on multiple boards such as the Fund for the Arts, as the director of communications for the Louisville Jazz Initiative, and as the current Hadley Creatives program coordinator. Del strives to continue weaving the importance of community and connection into her music-making.