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Thamara Bejarano

2022 International Society of Performing Arts Fellowships

Thamara Bejarano

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Winter Park, Florida

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International Society of Performing Arts Fellowships

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Thamara Bejarano is the Executive Director and founder of Open Scene. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, she is a Journalist with a Master's degree in Audiovisual Management and another in Education for the Creative Use of Media. She started working in advertising audiovisual productions, then at different positions inside the HBO network, and worked for almost a decade as a Journalist, Communications Consultant, and Film Studies Professor at the Central University of Venezuela. After arriving in Florida, she worked from 2016 to 2019 as a Stage Manager, Producer, and Actress in several Mad Cow Theatre productions, both in English and Spanish. With Open Scene, she wrote, adapted, and directed original pieces and theatre classics; among them, "Prolifica" (2020), a twenty-episode audiovisual journey through some essential cultural productions of the Hispanic world. She created the Latin Performing Arts Festival, a one-week event gathering annually of +100 artists, and the Playwriting Contest "Escena Abierta" aimed at Hispanic playwriters living in the United States and Puerto Rico. Bejarano also hosts the weekly live radio show “En Tarima” (On Stage), a co-production between MAS100.7 FM and Open Scene.