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Tryon Fine Arts Center

2023 In These Mountains - Project Grants

Tryon Fine Arts Center

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Tryon, North Carolina

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Pathways: Junior Appalachian Musicians Elevating Traditional Music in the Appalachian Region

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In These Mountains - Project Grants

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The 3-month Pathways project builds on a decade of Tryon Fine Arts Center’s (TFAC) work uplifting regionalmusic & young traditional musicians. Creation of the TFAC Regional JAM Gathering builds a platform for youthacross 2 states from 26 JAM programs to: receive workshops from Festival musicians at TFAC andTryonInternational Equestrian Center (TIEC), perform at TIEC next to a TFAC-created sensory exhibit of the historybehind the JAM Songbook, andaccess the Earl Scruggs Festival mainstage.