The Broken Reed Saxophone Quartet

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The Broken Reed Saxophone Quartet
Sherman, CT

About the Artist

Charley Gerard is a composer, saxophonist and author. Awards include the prestigious New Jazz Works grant from Chamber Music America, Outstanding Academic Title from Choice Magazine, finalist for the Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) in the category “Best Research in Recorded Folk and Ethnic Music,” and several ASCAP Standards awards.

He composes and arranges music for his 4-saxophone group, the Broken Reed Saxophone Quartet. The group’s current project is “Jazz versions of Tango.” Mr. Gerard enjoys drawing inspiration from politics, film, as well as historical whimsy, enabling the quartet to transport their audience everywhere, from Mozart to New Orleans to Argentina and Cuba, to the pages of poetry and popular culture. As its name implies, the group is as linked by its sense of humor as it is by its unique sound. The current group is composed of Charley on alto sax, Nathan Edwards on soprano sax, Malin Carta on tenor sax, and Matt Schmidt on baritone sax.


Orono Public Library

Orono, ME

July 9, 2024

Mildred Stevens Williams Memorial Library

Appleton, ME

July 10, 2024

Buck Memorial Library

Buckport, ME

July 11, 2024

Ellsworth Library

Ellsworth, ME

July 12, 2024

Gladys J. Craig Memorial Library

Ashland, ME

July 13, 2024

Steepfalls Farmers Market

Limington, ME

July 14, 2024