Derrick Hodge and the Color of Noize

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Derrick Hodge and the Color of Noize
New Orleans, LA

About the Artist

Creating music from a spring of self-love and inspiring others to love and express themselves through music is my greatest passion. Music shapes our ability to connect with others and find similarities across cultures when none are apparent. Through my compositions, collaborations, and mentoring practices, I create environments for people to connect with themselves and bring their passion into the world.

My inspiration comes from my upbringing and community. I am driven by curiosity โ€“ an insatiable desire to learn and wonder about the world and how people express themselves. I thank my mother for teaching me to ask why not? when confronted with a new idea. Her open mind created the space for me to grow and perform as a young child, and I want to give that same open-minded room for children and adults to explore their creativity. Through my youth development programming, adult coaching, and creative pursuits, I center love and possibility. Weโ€™re all living in the same song and I work to make sure everyone can use their voice. My music reflects the rich traditions of American music from Jazz and Hip Hop to Gospel, Rock, Pop and Symphonic. I have created with artists ranging from Quincy Jones, Robert Glasper, and Nas to Gwen Stefani, H.E.R., Jill Scott, Maxwell, and many others. My playing on Common's โ€œBEโ€ has been officially recognized as one of top 20 basslines in Hip Hop History. I have also written and conducted symphonic works for orchestras ranging from the LA Philharmonic to the Atlanta Symphony, National Symphony, and many others. I was named a Sundance Composer Fellow, have received two Grammy awards and the Motif Award, one of the highest honors in the field of child advocacy.


Florida Memorial University

Miami Gardens, FL

October 25, 2024

John C. Smith University

Charlotte, NC

October 28, 2024

Global Education Center and Fisk University

Nashville, TN

October 29, 2024

Dillard University

New Orleans, LA

October 30, 2024

Wiley University

Marshall, TX

November 11, 2024