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Auburn University

2023 Cross-Sector Impact Grant

Auburn University

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Auburn, Alabama


Visual arts/mural

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Auburn University will facilitate multi-week workshops that will survey different artistic mediums; we will devote 6 weeks to each subject, providing instruction on medium-specific techniques and general art principles. At the culmination of the project, participants will have made a positive, indelible mark on their community in the form of a collaborative mural and public exhibition.

This photo is from an APAEP drawing class at Ventress Correctional Facility in Spring 2022. We frequently have more people sign up for these classes than the space can accommodate, demonstrating a vast need for arts access. This need does not vanish after leaving the prison environment.

This is a photo of the first art class held at CERC in June 2022, facilitated by the InToto Creative Arts Forum, a Birmingham community organization. We involve community partners in our programming whenever we can.