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Charlie Kirchen Quartet

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Charlie Kirchen

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Jazz Quartet

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Formed in January of 2018, the Charlie Kirchen Quartet has carved a niche for itself in the Chicago jazz and creative music scene.

Comprised of some of Chicago’s most versatile and sought-after jazz musicians—Nick Mazzarella on alto saxophone, Dave Miller on guitar, Devin Drobka on drums, and Kirchen on bass—the group deftly navigates through precisely notated themes and wide-open free improvisation. In the band’s first year, it has maintained a steady schedule of performances in many of Chicago’s finest listening rooms, completed a five day tour of the Midwest, and received an IAP grant from the City of Chicago’s DCASE. The fruits of these activities are captured in high fidelity on their recently released debut album, I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up (Flood Music).

Since arriving on the Chicago scene in 2010, composer, improviser, and bassist Charlie Kirchen has established himself at the forefront of the younger Chicago musicians pushing the bounds of contemporary jazz and creative music. Kirchen lends his unique voice as a bassist and composer to groups such as the Few, Sfyria Trio, Rooms, and the Charlie Kirchen Quartet, all of which maintain a steady touring and recording schedule. In late 2018, Kirchen relocated to New York City where he continues to grow as a musician.