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Elliott and Erick Jimenez

2024 Florida Fellow for Visual Arts

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Pinecrest, Florida

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Elliot and Erick Jiménez (b.1989) are identical twins and first-generation Cuban-Americans from Miami. Their artistic practice began from an early interest in art history and influences derived from a theological upbringing, exploring the mysticism of gods in mythology, Yoruba, and Catholic syncretic elements. Inspired by paintings, their photographs portray the ephemeral nature of light and color through experimental camera techniques and the composition of their subjects, typically rendering them like paintings. The duo bridge the unique culture of Lucumí spirituality within Cuban culture and the Western art tradition. Reinterpreting these art historical references by employing staging, body paint, costuming, and manipulating exposure times on camera, they incorporate surreal elements within their work, blurring the boundaries between painting and photography. This experimental approach interconnects the varying narratives between Western Art, Cuba's history, and the artist's own story while creating a distinct visual language.

Elliot & Erick’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. Solo exhibitions of their work have been presented at Spinello Projects, Entre Dos Mundos/Between Two Worlds (2022), Paris Photo (2022), and PHOTOFAIRS New York (2023). Group museum exhibitions include Open Storage (2022) at the Bass Museum, Miami, The Florida Prize (2023) at the Orlando Museum of Art, and Surrealism & Us (2024) at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Their work is held in the permanent collections of Beth Rudin DeWoody’s Bunker Art Space and the Orlando Museum of Art.

In 2023, they created their first public art project: a monumental site-specific installation spanning 100 linear feet in the Miami Design District. Elliot & Erick were also the recipients of the Ellies Creator Award (2023), the Miami Individual Artist (MIA) Grant (2023), and the Latin American Fashion Awards' Emerging Photographer of the Year (2023). They were awarded the Orlando Museum of Art’s Florida Prize, People's Choice Award (2023). Additionally, they have worked on numerous editorial projects with publications like Vogue Italia and TIME magazine and collaborated with brands such as Gucci and Hermès. In 2023, Elliot and Erick made editorial history by being the first Latino artists to photograph musician Bad Bunny for Time magazine's first-ever Spanish cover in its 100-year history.

Artist Statement

“Who are we?” is a question we often ask ourselves when searching for our origins. As first-generation Cuban-Americans, our practice as artists utilizes ideas around identity, symbolism, and our own history to help answer this question. The central theme in our practice introduces photographs of shadow figures portraying Afro-Cuban deities within Lucumí folklore. Expanding on these anonymous figures, we explore a shadow realm that exists between two worlds, much like us; As twins, Cuban-Americans, bilingual speakers, and having both Cuban and Afro-Cuban parentage, we investigate the dualities and parallels between Lucumí and ourselves. Our medium takes an experimental approach to photography, hinting at surrealism and often referencing various periods within Western Art. Through staging, body paint, costuming, and manipulating the exposure times on camera, we craft our photographs to resemble a painting or illustration, often blurring the line between painting and photography. We aim to establish a cultural presence within our community, representing a universe of relationships where these shadow figures become placeholders, encouraging the viewer to find some part of themselves within this realm.