South Arts Awards Over $530k Through Recent Grant Programs

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South Arts is pleased to announce the newest recipients of three grantmaking programs: Presentation Grants, Traditional Arts Touring Grants, and Jazz Road Tours. These programs support the presenting and touring of artists, either assisting organizations with artists' fees or directly supporting the artists themselves. Among the newest cohort of recipients, a total of $530,755 has been awarded to 102 organizations and artists.

Yeli Ensemble will be presented with supported from a Traditional Arts Touring Grant by the University of Alabama at Huntsville. Image courtesy AfricaNashville and Yeli Ensemble.
Yeli Ensemble will be presented with supported from a Traditional Arts Touring Grant by the University of Alabama at Huntsville. Image courtesy AfricaNashville and Yeli Ensemble.

“We are delighted to announce the latest recipients of our grant programs,” said Susie Surkamer, South Arts President and CEO. “From traditional arts to jazz and visual artists, South Arts is steadfast in its commitment to supporting artists and communities throughout the Southern region and beyond. With support from these funds, audiences will have expanded access to a wide array of projects, including educational workshops, public performances, and cultural celebrations. We are excited to witness the profound impact of these programs as the projects and performances unfold over the coming year, enriching the cultural landscape and celebrating the vibrant heritage of our region.”

Since 1975, South Arts has offered various programs to support and showcase the talents of Southern artists. While each program has a unique focus, they collectively aim to enhance the cultural landscape of the region.

Traditional Arts Touring Grants increase public awareness and appreciation of traditional arts in the South. These grants, ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, support in-person or live virtual multi-day residencies by Southern traditional artists in Southern communities.

Presentation Grants provide organizations within South Arts' nine-state region awards of up to $9,500 with fee-support for presenting Southern artists in a public performance and educational/community engagement component. For these grants, presenting organizations choose and collaborate with artists, covering various projects from film to visual and performing arts.

Jazz Road Tours directly support jazz artists' touring across the nation. This artist-centric grant program, supported by the Doris Duke Foundation and the Mellon Foundation, offers grants from $5,000 to $15,000 to cover eligible expenses and salaries, including support for non-musician personnel such as tour managers and childcare.

These programs work together to support Southern artistry both within the region and across the nation. Nationwide initiatives like Jazz Road directly support artists by covering travel-related expenses and payments to the performers, while Traditional Arts Touring Grants and Presentation Grants provide funds to organizations that present regional artists. These diverse programs highlight the extensive work of South Arts within the cultural ecosystem, responding to the immediate needs of artists today.

“Our role as a regional funder is critical to infusing much needed funding into the arts ecosystem,” said Joy Young, PhD, South Arts Vice President of Programs. “Of the over half-million dollars in grants recently awarded, more than $400,000 of matching funds are generated at the local level. Our work creates positive economic impacts, benefits artists, arts organizations, communities, and ensures people across the south have access to the diversity of southern artistry.”

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